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BMW Kicks Off Production for C evolution Electric Scooter


BMW Motorrad announces the start of production for the first electric scooter of the Bavarian brad, the C evolution. The e-bike is manufactured in the Berlin-Spandau plant, the very same facility which has recently delivered the 500,000th boxer GS machine.

BMW Kicks Off Production for C evolution Electric Scooter [Photo Gallery]


The BMW C evolution is the natural order of things, as the two-wheeler is derived from the proven platform the current C600 Sport and C650GT are based on. “Today we have started a new chapter in the history of BMW Motorrad and we are very proud to herald the launch of electric vehicles in the two-wheeler segment here in Berlin,” Dr. Marc Sielemann, the head of the BMW Berlin plant adds.


BMW is planning a €100 million ($137.23 mil) investment until 2015 in the electric mobility segment, aiming to make electric scooters affordable and helping them become a favored choice especially in the urban environment. 


In Berlin, BMW Motorrad will have three customers versions of the electric scooter, and we ca expect that police-spec C evolution machines will also roll out the plant’s doors, as the facility is already delivering other bike models equipped for law enforcement purposes.


No less than 8.600 sq. ft. (800sqm) are dedicated to the C evolution production facility in the Berlin-Spandau BMW plant, with the scooters being put together on a separate assembly line. With the production of the BMW C evolution already started, it will not be long until the European customers will see these machines in dealerships across the continent. However, the North American markets will have to wait some more until the C evolution crosses the pond.


Finally, one funny but highly symbolic detail on the BMW C evolution production debut: the inaugural ribbon was green, instead of red. Stylish move, BMW, really stylish!

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