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Belgium Extends E-Bikes Tax Benefits



A huge number of e-bicycle riders in Belgium are taking an interest in a 'cycle to work' charge plot. In 2015 the National Government officially spent € 93 million for this program which has been reached out to speed-pedelecs as of late. 

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Beforehand the 'cycle to work' assess conspire had been accessible to all individuals riding 25 km/h e-bicycles as it were. In a current change the expense plan was opened up to 45 km/h speed pedelecs also. Anything quicker still isn't qualified. 


Support bike driving 


Belgium's Minister of Finance, Johan Van Overtveldt, clarified that, "we need to support driving by bikes for evident reasons, despite the sort of bike utilized. Managers in Belgium can as of now reward staff for driving by bicycle, paying them € 0.23 for each kilometer they cycle, with an end goal to advance environmentalism and a more advantageous way of life. 


Logical research on speed pedelec driving 


At the demand of the Flemish Environment Department, the colleges KU Leuven and VUB Brussels together with the Belgian electromobility affiliation ASBE are inquiring about the portability capability of light electric vehicles in Flanders. 


In this structure the analysts are examining the encounters of suburbanites who utilize a speed pedelec to go to and from work. For that reason, they have built up a short study. The examination is required to be finished by next September.


—— Jan-Willem van Schaik

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