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Study Shows 43% Want An Electric Bike in Next 2 Years


Having declared its aims to up its exploration into the purchasing propensities for cyclists back in February, Sport Marketing Surveys information has uncovered somewhere in the range of 43% of its shopper database are "likely" or "likely" to purchase an electric bicycle inside the following two years. 

With more than 1,000 UK "center cyclists" on its database, Sports Marketing Surveys cycling business director Ed Willis told CyclingIndustry.News its International Cycling Behavior Program will offer organizations a solid understanding into purchasing propensities for set up cyclists in the following couple of years. 

"We have a specific criteria in social affair this information. We've appreciated the center gathering of cyclists who are spending by far most of the cash in the market," said Willis. 

In spite of the fact that a paid for information benefit, SMS let us in on a specimen of their latest discoveries, advertising: 

4% of center UK cyclists say their fundamental bicycle is a urban e-bicycle and 2% say their primary bicycle is a mountain e-bicycle. 

In Germany – 8% of center cyclists say their fundamental bicycle is a urban e-bicycle and 3% say it is a mountain e-bicycle. 

23% have ridden an e-bicycle in Germany contrasted with only 8% in the UK. 

More established cyclists are still a great deal more prone to state that their principle bicycle is a urban e-bicycle. 

Sports Marketing Surveys are as of now ordering another market report set for January production. Pay special mind to additional on that on CyclingIndustry.News sooner rather than later, or connect with them direct to ask about your own particular custom-made market examine.

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