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Inspection before Riding

Tyre Inspection

1, Whether tyre pressure is normal;

Decide whether the pneumatic pressure of the tyre is appropriate according to its indentation resulting from contacting the ground. Use a circumferentor to check in case of abnormal pneumatic pressure, and adjust it to normal. In general, normal pneumatic pressure of the front wheel is 125KPa and that of the rear wheel is 175KPa.

2, Whether there is cracking, abnormal wear on the tyre.

3, Whether there is nail, stone, glass embedding in the wheel.


Note: abnormal pneumatic pressure, cracking, damage and abnormal wear of the tyre are all causes for poor steering and blowout of tyre.

The tyre shall be replaced in case 2/3 of the depth of tyre corrugation, projection on the tyre has been worn.


Inspection of Lighting Device, Steering Indicator

Switch in the power and turn on the lighting to check whether the headlights, taillights are brightened up, whether the speed of headlights is normal.

Check the front and rear brake cranks respectively, whether they are power-off.

Operate the steering switch to check whether the steering indicator light is of normal operation.

Check whether the lighting device is damaged. In order not to influence riding, please check carefully.


Reflection Inspection of Rearview Mirror

Look into the rearview mirror from the riding position, and check whether you can see the conditions at back and both sides are clearly.

Check whether the rearview mirror is contaminated and damaged.


Inspection of Reflector and License Plate

Check whether the reflector is contaminated and damaged.

Check whether the license plate is installed firmly, whether the number is clear, whether it is contaminated and damaged.


Inspection of Handlebar

Swing the handlebar up and down, to the front and back, left and right to check whether it is loose.

Whether it is too tight.

Whether there is percussion on the handlebar.


Use of Switch


The power will be switched in when the key is at the position of ON, and the motor can be started up. In riding, do not take the key down and switch the key to the position to OFF to cut off the power and stop the motor. It is allowed to take the key down to prevent theft. The key may be taken down or inserted.


Note: Please add an anti-theft lock when you leaving. (Picture)


Switch of Headlight

The switch of headlight shall be lightened up when pressing the button, and it will be off when pressing again.


Governor Handle

Rotate anticlockwise to speed up and clockwise to slow down. Release to reset, and the motor will stop rotating.


Horn Switch

When the power switch is ON, the horn will make a sound when pressing the button; do not use if not necessary and on the road prohibiting honking to avoid noise pollution.


Steering Switch

Use this switch when making a turn or changing the lane. Switch to the left when turning to the left, vice versa. After steering, set the button to the center, and the signal will be off.


Note: Please turn off the turn light off after using lest causing troubles to other people.


Opening of Seat Cushion

Insert the power switch in the hole of seat cushion and then rotate to the right.

Lift the rear of the seat cushion to open, and it is locked when pressing down slightly.

A tool box is placed on the rack at rear of the bicycle for you to put raincoat, bits and pieces.



Articles in the storage box shall not be heavier than 2kg.

As the temperature in the case is higher, please do not put articles, foods with low heat resistance and flammable items in it.

Do not put valuables in it.

Do not let water in when washing.

Do not forget to lock the seat cushion and tool box, lift upward slightly after locking to check whether it is locked firmly.

Do not put in chemicals and sharp items.

It is better to clean the storage box by dust collector or wipe it by soft cloth.


Correct Riding


Starting Method

Before starting: stand at the left side of the bicycle to erect the main support to check whether the entire bicycle is in good condition.

Switch the power switch to ON to check whether all lights are on and whether all switches can work, whether the horn can make a sound and whether the handle is normal; then level the main support to make the rear tyre down on the ground if there is no abnormality.


Motor Starting

After you sit on the bicycle stably, rotate the governor handle slowly inward to start the bicycle, and then speed up slowly.


Danger: after the rear wheel is made down on the ground, do not rotate the governor handle if you do not sit stably on the bicycle.


Speed Regulation

The speed can be increased or reduced by rotating the governor handle. Speed up slowly.

Speed up slowly when starting or going up the slope, then the motor power will be increased, reset is slowing down.


Use of Brake

The rear brake shall be prior to the front one in order to get better effect.

Reset the governor handle rapidly, and then hold the brake handle tightly.

Slow braking and straining is the ideal method for stopping.

Do no place a hard brake and turn suddenly. Emergency brake and sudden turning are main factors causing sideslipping or overturning which are dangerous.


Note: only slam a brake on the front wheel or rear wheel may result in sideslip, it is very dangerous.


Matters Needing Attention when Riding

Maintain a natural posture to ride freely.

Operational safety of bicycles is related to the ride location, please sit in the middle of seat cushion avoid danger caused by load lightening of the front wheel and trembling handle.

It is difficult to speed up on the damaged road or macadam, please drive slowly and watch out.


In rainy and snowy weather, the moist road may cause sideslip, please concentrate and always ready for braking in advance. Pay special attention to the working condition of the brake after washing or riding in the rain. The brake effect may be reduced after washing or riding in the rain, please ride slowly and be careful. Brake slightly till it return to the normal state.


In heavy rain or storm, please do not ride in case gathered water on the road is higher than the lowest position of outer edge of the wheel motor to avoid performance failure of motor, rear brake.



Send out signal when approaching to the stopping place.

Turn on the turn light in advance and notice vehicles behind and on both sides, and then stop slowly.

Reset the governor handle, and use the front and rear brakes in advance.

When the bicycle is stopped completely, turn off the turn light, and switch the ignition key to OFF.

When stopping, please stand at the left on the even ground and then step on the foot bar of the main support, put forth your strength to tread down, and lift upward by the right hand.


Note: Do not stop on soft ground or on the slope to avoid falling. For short time stop, it is allowed to use the kick stand to support.

Please make sure to lock the anti-theft lock and take the key away when you leave to avoid theft.

Note: Do not put a child or an article on the footstep when riding, please obey the traffic rules and keep safety speed in mind.


Charging and Maintenance of Battery

The bicycle shall use maintenance-free lead-acid cell within the temperature range of -15 to 45 it is better to be 20-10. Too low temperature will reduce its effective capacity while too high temperature will affect its service life. Consequently, in winter or code areas, reduction in the endurance after one-time charging is normal, and its function will be recovered naturally when the temperature returns above 20. Solenoid is a main part protecting the satisfactory performance of the bicycle, please keep it properly. Do not use the electrical energy to the lowest allowable voltage when you ride every time. Please charge the battery when the undervoltage indicator light is on. It is better to develop a habit of charging after every ride, which is benefit to the battery.


Use and Maintenance of Charger

Check carefully whether the rated input voltage of the charger (AC220V) is consistent with the network voltage.

Battery can be charged directly on the bicycle or being demounted and charged in the appropriate indoor place. It is better to charge indoors in cold areas in winter.

Please connect the input plug to the alternating current power supply after proper connection of input plug of the charger to the charging jack of the battery, and then the power indicator will be on. Reverse operation is not allowed.


The red indicator light for charging of the charger will be on, which shows that the battery is charging with electricity; the battery is fully charged when the green light is on. The charging time is about 3~8h (length of charging time depends on the remaining electric quantity in the battery).

In special circumstances, the maximum continuous charging time shall not be more than 12 hours.


Matters Needing Attention in Charging

  1.  Put the battery in safety place out of reach of children when charging.

  2. Do not use without charger, otherwise the service life of battery will be affected.

  3. Do not use the charger of other brands to charge, and the battery of other types may not use this charger.

  4. Please do not dismantle the charger since it has a high voltage circuit. 

  5. Prevent liquid and metal filing from entering into the charger when using and storing. Be cautious of fall and impact to avoid damage.

  6. Please do not cover the charger with any items when charging.

  7. The charge shall be used indoors, under the dry environment with good ventilation.

  8. In case of peculiar smell or overtemperature in the process of charging, please stop charging immediately and send it to the sales agency for examination and repair.


Use and Maintenance of Motor and Controller

Check whether screws at both ends of the motor are loosened regularly

Check the insulation of motor connection and shell regularly

Check whether the wiring of controller is loosened regularly

Check whether the safety fuse is loosened regularly


Matters Needing Attention for Safe Riding


Please observe traffic regulations, and control the speed within the safe speed of motor vehicle. (Note: safe speed of this bicycle is 30Km/h)

Be familiar with the contents of this instruction before riding. And then, find an open field to practice so as to mater the essentials to ride the bicycle and be familiar with its structure, which are basis for safe riding.


Warning 1: Please ride according to the safe speed to avoid accidental personal and bicycle damage.

Warning 2: Do not lend the bicycle to or let person who is not familiar with riding or can not ride to use. Riding by one hand or totally laissez-faire, after drinking are very dangerous.


Pay extra attention to safety when riding in rainy and snowy weather

Danger may be brought by moist road in rainy and snowy weather! Consequently, do not drive with fast speed, pay special attention when turning. Remember specially: brake in advance in rainy and snowy weather to avoid accident!


Correct Use of Helmet

Wear proper safety helmet correctly when riding and tighten the belt.


Proper Dressing

Wear clothes with bright colors letting the body to move freely, without close-fitting dresses or those with open cuffs. Wear low-heeled shoes as much as possible.


Light Loading

The sense of handle is different when carrying articles and people. Too much loading will cause trembling handle resulting in danger. Rated loading of the bicycle is 1 person. Load of the storage box is below 2kg. Loading with excessive weight may increase the danger.



In addition to the specified position, do not carry articles on other part to avoid damaging the fender apron.

Do not stuff articles such as cotton gauze beside the motor.

Do not put articles under the seat cushion (excluding the storage box) to avoid accident.


Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance before Riding

Please be sure to develop the habit of checking before starting. Check periodically and clean regularly. It is better to clean with soft cloth.



Do not pour water to the drum brake, motor, front and rear shafts when cleaning to lest the use performance and service life is affected dye to water seepage. 

Do not use steam or high pressure hose when cleaning the bicycle.


Inspection of Brake, Power and Fasteners before Riding

Please make sure to check the effect of front and rear brakes before riding to ensure that the brake is normal and effective.

In the case of both supports of the bike are on the ground and rear wheel is lifted, make sure that the power switch is in good condition. 

Please check the fastening state of all shafts to ensure that the front and rear shaft as well as the handle are tightened and reliable. 

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