I. Why does driving range decrease?

1. Tire pressure is under inflation; inflate adequate air for the tire;

2. Undercharge of the battery or fault of the charger; charge fully the battery or check whether the plug of charger is in poor contact;

3. The battery is ageing or damaged; replace the battery;
4. There are many ascents, high wind speed, frequent braking or starting-up, overload, etc in the process of use; it is recommended that the bicycle shall travel in constant speed and brake as little as possible.

5. Overload of the electric bicycle will also result in shorter driving range.

6. Capacity of the battery has some relationship with the temperature. Taking 25° as standard temperature of the battery, every 1° drop of the temperature will lead to about 0.8% decrease in capacity of the battery, while capacity of the battery will restore after the temperature rises.


II. The bicycle fails to travel while the battery works. How to handle it? 
1. Check whether output of the battery is normal, in case of low output, the battery has been broken and shall be replaced immediately.

2. Pull out the socket of the brake handle (normally-on brake handle). If the motor works, then the brake handle breaks down and shall be replaced.
3. Check the handle. Use iron wire to short out the anode of the handle and the signal wire, if the bicycle moves, it indicates that the handle is broken and shall be replaced or repaired promptly.
4. Condition of the controller can be tested by shorting out positive 5V of wire of the handle. If the handle can rotate, it indicates that the controller operates normally. The simplest method is to smell whether the controller scents the smell of burning. If any, it indicates that the controller is out of order.
5. Check whether the motor is in good condition. Poor contact of the carbon brush for the motor will also lead to the failure of travelling while the battery is charged.


III. Turn on the power supply for electric door lock by the key, the power light in the instrument panel is off. The motor fails to rotate when rotating the handle. Why?

1. The fuse on the battery case is burned out: replace the fuse;
2. The fuse on the battery case is in poor contact: adjust the fuse tube to good contact;
3.The contact on the battery case is in poor contact: adjust the contact to good contact;
4. The contact on the battery case is burned out: replace the contact;
5. The electric door lock is burned out: replace the electric door lock;
6. The battery lead in the battery case is in open circuit: switch on the circuit again;
7. Open circuit inside the battery in the battery case: replace or repair the battery;
8. Lead of the electric door lock or lead of the contact is in open circuit or poor contact: rewire it.


IV. Turn on the power switch, the instrument light is on, but the motor fails to rotate when rotating the governor handle. Why?
1. The controller is damaged: replace or repair the controller;
2. The governor handle is damaged: replace or repair the governor handle;
3. The outage handle for the brake is damaged: replace or repair it;
4. The motor is broken internally: replace or repair the motor;

5. Wire on the bicycle is in open circuit: rewire the wire.


V. Why is it galloping?

1. Fault cause: The governor handle is broken or the ground wire (black wire) is in open circuit or plug-in component is poor.  Fault of the controller (with brush)

 2. Troubleshooting: Disconnect the governor handle, if it is normal, it indicates the controller works normally. Then check the governor handle and the ground wire. If the bicycle still does not stop after the governor handle is disconnected, it indicates that the controller is broken. Then replace the controller. If the wheel rotates and has a high increasing speed just after the power supply is switched on, it is called “galloping”, most of which are caused by poor contact of ground wire. Therefore, pay great attention to checking the grounding of the handle.


VI. Why the horn is out of control?

1. Fault cause: The horn is damaged. The horn switch is damaged. The connecting wire or the connector is short-circuited. (2)Troubleshooting: After pressing the horn switch, test the voltage at both ends of horn wire by voltage gear of the multimeter. If the voltage is normal, it indicates that the horn is damaged. If there is no voltage, it indicates the horn switch is damaged or the wire is in open circuit. Carry out short circuit test on both wires of the horn switch to find out the fault point rapidly. If anode and cathode of the electronic horn are connected reversely; the horn will make no sound.  


VII. Why the headlight is off?

1. Fault cause:The bulb is broken. Switch of the headlight is broken. The wire or the connector is short-circuited.

2. Troubleshooting: the repair methods are same as those of the horn.


VIII. Why the turn light is off?

1. The flasher is broken. Switch of the turn light is broken. The wire or the connector is short-circuited.

2. Troubleshooting: both left and right flashlights are off, the flasher is probably broken. If the left turn light is off while the right turn light is on and vice versa, it indicates that the flasher is in good condition, then check the steering switch and the bulb. 


IX. Why all bicycle lamps are off, and the horn fails to make any sound?

1. Fault cause: the converter is broken and therefore fails to output 12V voltage.

2. Troubleshooting: replace the converter.


X. After the battery is charged for one hour, why the green light turns on? (The battery is both fully charged and used up in short time).

1. The charger has a low voltage, so that the battery cannot be fully charged: replace or repair the charger;

2. The battery falls into the stage of recession and fails to discharge for long time: replace or repair the battery.

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