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E-Bike Market Broke Growth Record in German 2017


The e-bicycle advertise in Germany is developing at record pace. The most up to date 2017 information from industry affiliation 'Zweirad-Industrie-Verband' (ZIV) unmistakably underlines that e-bicycles these days in Germany are, beside a favored method of versatility and in addition for relaxation and games, additionally a perfect, calm and space-sparing option for city coordinations. 

In 2017, 720,000 e-bicycles were sold in Germany. With that aggregate deals expanded by a major 19%. It makes that as of now one out of five bicycles sold in Germany is an e-bicycle. 

Market share

The e-bicycle share in absolute bike deals stands presently at 19%. ZIV anticipates that that offer will become facilitate in the following years; in the medium term to 23 – 25%, speaking to an aggregate offer of near one million units. ZIV's long haul desires call for e-bicycles to develop to a 35% piece of the pie, or an aggregate of 1,350,000 units. 

E-bike categories

On what e-bicycles are sold in Germany ZIV states that around 99% are 250W/25 km/h models. Around 1% are speed pedelecs; the 45 km/h models which must be type-affirmed and for which a cap and protection commitment applies. Moreover; separating the 99% of 250W/25 km/h e-bicycles then it demonstrates that e-City bicycles have a 38.5% offer in complete deals; E-Trekking remains at 35.5%, e-MTBs at 21.5% and e-Cargo bicycles at 3%. 

ZIV notes advance that 'Made in Germany' e-bicycles keep on being popular. The nation's bicycle producers traded 291.000 e-bicycles in 2017; up 25% contrasted with the 2016 fare add up to. 

Total 2017 bicycle market

For the aggregate bike advertise in Germany in 2017 ZIV takes note of that deals remained at 3.85 million units; 5% down on the 2016 aggregate. The aggregate sum of cash required with this deals remained at 2.69 billion euro; a 3.2% expansion contrasted with 2016. Counting P&A deals ZIV gauges that the aggregate 2017 turnover made in Germany remained at 5.4 billion euro. The normal deals cost of a bike (counting e-bicycles) remained at 698 euro; up 8.6% on the cost in 2016.

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