Why the eBike Revolution and exactly what is an ebike? As none other that Thomas Jefferson said, "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing". This is really a pretty bloodless revolution. An ebike is essentially an enhanced traditional bicycle. This enhancement makes   the ebike a viable, functional and healthy alternative to the automobile. A traditional bike multiplies human ability by at least a factor of 10. This revolution or evolution to the ebike multiplies human input to such a degree that the logical thing is to park your car at home and commute via ebike. Moving a person in a car requires moving 3000 lbs or so of metal along with you. Moving that person with an ebike requires moving only 50 lbs or so plus the rider. The cost in electricity on average is less than a cent per mile. Even if the bike was charged using worst case coal powered electricity, it would take almost 100 bikes to emit the same amount of pollution as one car traveling the same distance.

Exactly what is this enhancement to a tradional bike that evolves into an electric bike or "ebike? Some ebikes are purpose built from scratch and some ebikes are simply conventional bikes with an added kit. This is accomplished by integrating or adding an efficient electric motor and a battery, preferably lithium, to a conventional bicycle. Electric motors are very efficient and reliable as well as quiet. They emit zero emmission and come in different sizes. Ebikes typically come in either 250 Watt, 350 Watt, 500 Watt or 750 Watt. 750 Watt is the largest size legally to be still classified as a bicycle both federally and in the state of Colorado. Purpose built ebikes will have a more substantial frame, above average components such as disc brakes, and quality tires and tubes to minimize flats. Batteries also come in different sizes usually 24Volt, 36 Volt or 48Volt. The Amp hours is the number that indicates range. 10Ahr is typical in a stock battery that provides 20-30 miles per charge. 15Ahr - 20Ahr will provide 40-75 miles range. EBikes are propelled either by the rider, a throttle, and/or pedal assist. Do not worry about getting exercise - you can get as much or as little as you want. Some commuters take full advantage of the assist going to work in order to arrive less smelly and then less assist going home to get more exercise. On an ebike hills are a breeze and parking problems disappear.

The benefits of keeping fossil fuels in the ground instead of in our atmosphere are huge. With cars consuming disnosaur poop becoming the dominant species it is time to join the ebike revolution.